Sonix exclusive pulse2™ pulser/receivers are based on proprietary technology and are available for all ECHO™ and AutoWafer™ systems.

Pulse2™ provide enhanced signal quality resulting in superior image resolution to detect the smallest defects in semiconductor packages and bonded wafers.

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A robust, universal, ultrasonic flaw detector for overmolded single-die packages, bare flip chips and other standard applications

  • Imaging of defects as small as 10 microns
  • Transducers from 15MHz through 200MHz, designed and matched in-house to address all types of applications and materials
  • Stacked Die Imaging (SDI) (optional)
  • Molded Flip Chip Imaging (MFCI) (optional)

Software Options for Pulse2

Sonix offers powerful microscopy analysis software to enhance packaged semiconductor imaging, accelerate production and adapt systems based on the ECHO platform to customer-specific requirements.


Sonix S-series ultrasonic NDT transducers are designed in-house to meet the demanding nondestructive testing requirements of semiconductor manufacturing. We offer the collaborative expertise to help customers choose the best ultrasonic NDT transducer for their application.

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